The Road: Day 13

“This. Is. War.” -30 Seconds to Mars

Finally, game day.

Two Canada Geese have made a nest on one of the floating shrubberies we have set up along the dock.  You can always tell when they are spawning because the length of the dock is covered in goose remains.  I’ve named the two of them Dayle and Doug, even though I’m beginning to think one of them has to be female. Recently the two of them have become increasingly territorial.

Don’t worry sportsfans, if that game showed you anything it was that sometimes the score doesn’t accurately depict the game.  Now, I’m not going to point fingers at any thing or any person that may have negatively influenced the game.  I’m sure everyone reading this can do that for themselves.  I will say one thing however, I overheard one of the officials say that for a high-sticking call, drawing blood was just a guideline, not a deciding factor.  That’s like me saying when I go to the bathroom, I just use the toilet as a guideline.

All For Now,

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  1. Tuzzi says:

    Weow! Nto

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