The Road: Day 12

“Live to win” -Paul Stanley

Our last day before the next series begins.  A lot of the guys mentioned that they’re feeling the same way about the week off itch.  Hopefully our hunger to play will help us come out strong tomorrow night.  I’m really looking forward to the series.  Both teams have very powerful offensive abilities and are well structured and systematically sound.

On the way home I saw a sign proudly stating “I brake for people” with a bunch of silhouettes and gaily drawn squiggles decorating the border.  Some of you may recall that one of the topics I brought up yesterday was the motion to make jay walking a national sport.  Consequently, when the words “I brake for people” were processed, I instantly turned it to “I break four people.”  The banner complied with my “fair game” policy, minus the grammar.  Speaking of ridiculous implications.

As I’ve grown up with the internet, security has become more and more of an issue.  It’s an understandable precaution, hackers and identity thieves have become more advanced.  I can sympathize with those who’ve been the victim of identity theft.  What I don’t get, is if there are knowledgeable thieves and hackers out there, what the heck are adding a few letters to your password going to help.  All it really does is make us need to have a ridiculously easy security question to reset your password.  Do you know how easily I could get all the possible security question answers out of someone?  I make my security questions completely off topic.  For example, I doubt that anyone knows that my mother’s maiden name is in fact maidenname.

Portland’s weather has been devious as of late.  For the last three days, I’ve got up with the sun shining in the sky, enough to warrant the wearing of shorts.  Even by the time I’ve gotten to the practice rink, it’s been hot enough to leave my jacket in the car.  Then for some reason, after every practice, a storm rolls in.  While I was walking down from my car to the house, it started to hail.  The river level has also risen considerably in the last few days.  Here’s the situation under my walkway.

It shouldn’t look like that.  The shoreline would normally be outside of the picture.

All For Now,

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