The Road: Day 11

“Run to the hills” -Iron Maiden

I’m beginning to get the itch, an no, it’s not from less than sanitary equipment.  It’s the itch to compete.

With my car back in use once again, I returned to having control of the music filling my car.  I don’t get why people can enjoy country music so much, with the twangy singing and repetitive themes.  I just don’t get it and it seems 90% of hockey players are in love with it.  I play music that sets the mood for the drive, there are some songs that I know will get me going.  Today it was “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.  With an upbeat groove and easily 150 plus unique lyrics, there’s just something about it that makes Portland drivers more bearable.  Speaking about driving, I took a detour from my normal trek today so that I could hit the bank on my way to the Winterhawks Skating Center.  The extra route took me through downtown Portland right around lunchtime; an iron jungle of lawless animals.  I was frequently forced to stop at green lights to avoid colliding with jaywalking pedestrians.  It was infuriating.  However, my horn’s been disconnected for good reason, so I was forced to sit in silence.  I’m considering trying to pass a law that allows jaywalkers to be “fair game.”  Not only would this eradicate any and all jaywalking, but it would also reduce obesity, while providing thousands of jobs in street cleaning services.  Back to music.

The Queen song made me think about Freddy Mercury and more specifically, his death and the deaths of other major artists.  Of course, everyone instantly goes to the passing of Micheal Jackson, but the man had already given the world everything he could.  Look back to the year 1959, Buddy Holly’s plane crashes just after taking off from Mason City, Iowa.  The event left no survivors and the music community lost not only Holly, but also Ritchie Valens and JP Richardson, The Big Bopper.  Holly died at the age of 22, less than two years after pioneering the next biggest thing in music, rock and roll.

Also inspired, the ironic nerd/rockstar look

All For Now,

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