The Road: Day 9

“I’m writing a book, I’ve got the page numbers done.” -Steven Wright

Nothings more important for a team’s success than having good chemistry and a sense of family.  We took in “Source Code” yesterday, a mix of Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day” and “Minority Report.”  It was actually a lot better than I’d expected it to be, and it had a lot of time traveling phrases like quantum physics and such.  Now, I wouldn’t consider myself any closer to discovering time travel then the next guy, but I have taken a liking to it ever since grade school.  I do find myself starting conversations on these kind of topics so I can use big words like singularity and the space-time continuum. The mathematics behind stuff like that only ever really comes out of four digit IQ’s, so I think I’m forced to be a spectator for this one.

Just got home from Powell’s “City of Books,”  I’ve been there probably twenty times since I’ve come to Portland, but every time is just as interesting.  I’m not sure what it is about having a million books worth of information crammed into one building.  I imagine it to be what a search engine would be like if no one had developed the internet.  Sure technology can come out with electronic reading devices, but there’s nothing more satisfying then reading your way through each individual page.  Now, if the Kindle came with it’s own system of achievements and rewards, maybe I’d reconsider, but for now, nothing beats ink on a page.  I left with three books:  The Talent Code, Selected Stories by Philip K Dick, and Hipster Christianity. Should keep me company on our roadtrip to and from Kelowna.  I’ve heard the best way to become a better writer is to read.

Speaking of writing, I’ve found I have a lot of free time with course finished.  So I figured I might do something relatively productive and try my hand at writing.  Could be one of my phases of becoming overly interested.  I’m trying to put together some short stories, if anyone wants to read them send me a facebook message.  Speaking of facebook, i’ve been receiving the typical virus message pretty frequently recently.  You can spot them by answer a few questions: Do I know this person, Is this person one that usual offers these services or products, and most importantly, why doesn’t this link have “.com” in it.  The intended use is for the victim to follow the hypertext and have technical wrath rain down upon them.  I’ve decided to just respond to the person.  Today I got a message asking to check out this picture someone had photoshopped me into at  Instead of clicking, I just responded LIES!!! and closed the conversation.  For warning, if you ever getting a message from me screaming some seemingly random line, don’t worry, just thwarting evil on the web.

All For Now,

P.S.  5 Stars For Kenzie

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