The Road: Day 6

“This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, but perhaps, it’s the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill

Potentially the final game of the series, tonight will be a battle to the finish.  Hopefully, there’s a happy bus ride on the way home.

For the last couple of days, I’ve taken the puzzle sections out of the newspaper after breakfast, leaving the rest in the lobby.  I don’t need any of the other sections, just that one.  Sure, there’s a bit of guilt at leaving a less-than-full newspaper lying around.  Which, in turn, got me thinking about another issue which vaguely relates.  The issue of the illegal downloading music online.  Now, I have never once downloaded music illegal, and if anyone thinks differently, I plead ignorance.  Before iTunes started offering singles downloads, I’d have to actually buy a CD to listen to the songs I wanted, as well as the ten less than spectacular songs with it.

This post was supposed to be put up before the game, but thanks to the lack of viable internet connection during the day I’ve pushed back the release time.  Good news is, we swept the series tonight with a 6-2 win and now we wait for our next opponent.  If we can continue playing at the current level, I’m excited about our teams potential for a strong push.

Anyone who wants to give me a tune up haircut for my mowhawk it would be much appreciated.

All For Now,

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One Response to The Road: Day 6

  1. Karen Mason says:

    Well said! Great listening to the game on the radio was almost as exciting as being there. Keep up the good work and great writing, I look forward to your posts. P.S. Have clippers will travel lol

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