The Road: Day 3

“The calm before the storm” – English Proverb

Nothing better than a good rest day, light workout, bike, and an intense game of kickball in the drained Memorial Coliseum.  The team heads up to Everett tomorrow for what will be the two biggest games of the year so far.

When I go “buying” (the male equivalent of shopping, but with a purpose) I know exactly what I want.  During the one day climax of my sickness, I did manage to make a few purchases.  Coming into playoffs, I realized that nothing in my dress-clothes arsenal really had the fire power I wanted.  So, moving throughout the day, my mission was to find a power tie.  The criteria for the tie was this:

-must be primarily red, preferably dark red
-no dots or non-repeating patterns
-cannot have non-red colors, shades are allowed.

I think it defined power.  Coupled with a white shirt, it would bring a lot of attention.  My theory was met with some criticism.  However, I stayed strong to my beliefs.  Supposedly my Grandfather, whom I am modeled after, was a strong red advocate.   Later, we tried to pick out a suit as well, but they all lacked the gray with black pinstripe combination I was looking for.  I returned defeated.

After the evenings festivities had ended (see vomiting) I managed to check out what the actual “Power Suit” was.  I sifted through a few hundred Iron Man references, and even a picture of Jackie Chan in a tuxedo I found this.

I win at getting dressed.

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