The Road: Day 1

“It is the Journey, not the destination.” -Socrates

Today begins our long journey towards the Memorial Cup.  Not much else to report, spending most of today in preparation for tonights game.  Hope you’re all cheering for us.



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2 Responses to The Road: Day 1

  1. Stuart says:

    I expect nothing but the loudest cheers tonight and Sunday. You guys have whooped the area into a frenzy and are the MOST talked about sports product in Oregon! That says ALOT when the Trailblazers play second fiddle in the media.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  2. OregonWmn says:

    Great job last night Taylor! Loved seeing your intensity in the face-offs. Thanks for all you do for us fans. We love cheering you guys on! Hubby will be wearing your Hawkeyes jersey proudly for years to come (once he gets it – and we hope we don’t receive it until June!)


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