Magnum PI

One of the lesser known traditions of the playoffs is for the weaker-faced players to do their best to catch up.  I’m talking about the whole playoff beard issue which I’ve mentioned a few days ago.  For now, I fall under this category, so I grabbed the nearest Just For Men and went to town on my face.  It’s been done before.  See below.

In retrospect, for any dyeing application to properly adhere, you need a decent amount of foliage in the first place.  So as it is right now, I managed to dye the lower half of my face in a rich brown-black.  Awesome.  In my ideal world, all males regardless of age or genetic background are all born full mustaches.  Picture Tom Selleck.  Everywhere.

No woman would be safe

All For Now,

P.S. My guide for doing laundry

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One Response to Magnum PI

  1. ashley says:

    ROFL. I must have been too young to appreciate Magnum’s look. I still don’t. I was wondering what y’all would be doing for the playoffs. I’ve seen blonde, red, and faux hawks. Thought bald this year maybe.

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