Kurtis and Zak Are Awesome

If you’re friends with me on facebook you’ll understand the background to the title.  If not, this next paragraph is going to come across in a weird way.

Kurtis and Zak, two of my friends of back north, are amazing human beings.  I believe that there is truly no one alive today that can compare to the awesomeness of these two.  If there was one word that could describe them together it would have to be created by the Old Spice Guy kicking an infinite amount of opponents in the face.  Then somehow the pile of teeth and blood would spell out that word.  Moving on.

Playoff time nears, and with playoffs come playoff hair and (for some) playoff beards.  I envy the great beards.  Not the guys who are overly hairy,but someone, perferably male, who can grow a forest out their face.  No indirectrelation to the tree man*.  Some fear inducing faces.

Mike Commodore: 05-06


Bill Flett: 73-74

No beard list can go without mentioning Lanny

More on the hair, specifically the team hair aspect.  This year we’ve gone withun-died mowhawks.  The normal line of action is the “leave the top and shave thesides.”  This year I decided that I would go more towards the Chuck Lidell look.

I’m not one hundred percent sure how well I can pull it off.  I just know it looks significantly meatier then what was on my head before.  Speaking of Charlie Sheen.

The man, regardless of how apparently insane, is now the most famous actor alive.I am not wrong, think about it.  I haven’t looked incredibly deep into it, buthalf an hour of his twitter feed will show you a lot about his inside thoughts.

All For Now,

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