Down Under (the weather)

Turns out my self-perceived invulnerability to affliction has come up short once again.  I came down with some kind of sickness yesterday while hanging out with the family.  Cumulating in a few “spurts” during the night.  I just feel sorry for the next tourist who finds themselves taking a nice stroll around the same path.  Thankfully, at least for now, I’m drugged up enough to let my fingers do the talking.  So let’s get going.

Yesterday was a good day, spent the majority of it shopping with the amazing women in my family.  We traveled to Washington Square and took in the hundreds of stores.  I took some notes down in my phone to be reiterated here.

I was surprised but amused to see Billy Mays immortalized face behind a plastic cover.  Come to think of it, I can’t even remember the product he was representing.  It’s a shame that he’s passed, leaving us only with “ShamWow Vince” and really, what kind of role model is he?  Guaranteed, no one would have ever heard of OxyClean with Vince at the helm.  So, I gave my salute to the patron saint of telemarketing and was on my way.  Speaking of products.  Nerf guns are ridiculous.  I was fortunate or unfortunate enough to be raised in an anti-nerf-gun home, so I was never privy to the state-of-the-art weaponry that the people at Nerf were coming out with.  I cut through the toy section on my way to the electronics (big boy toys) and saw an entire aisle dedicated solely to the wannabe weaponry.  Now, I can understand some of the newer, more lifelike attributes of the gun such as more militaristic design to the gun body.  But, when I see parents shelling out $50 plus on a toy gun that comes with an ammo sash like Sylvester Stallone circa 1982

Not seen: 1990's Legislation on Anabolic Steroids

I sent in my latest post to the Oregonian “My Oregon” section and to my surprise, saw the article up on the website the next day.  There is a screening process, so I was pretty impressed with myself, not bad for writing it at 3am (maybe that’s why I’m sick…)  In reality, getting accepted into the section is probably as easy as finding radioactive fish in the Willamette.  More on writing, I’m considering doing freelance work for whoever would be interested.

Good to be back,

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