A Necessary Evil

I’ve decided to stop beginning all of my posts with “hey” or “hi.”  It’s not that I don’t like to keep things casual, but I never really felt as if they went along with the flow of the writing.  So I’m trying it out just to see and if there’s not significant backlash I’ll probably just keep doing it this way.  But for now, down to business.

The Cleavland Cavaliers were in town yesterday, which got me thinking about the who situation surrounding Lebron James.  Specifically his reception upon returning to Cleavland with the El Heat.  I can understand their frustration about him leaving the team.  But don’t bite the hand that feeds.  The guy put in seven years of considerable work with the organization and in return they gave him nothing (besides incomprehensible wealth and fame).  Now, I am far from a knowing all the inner workings and the politics of it all, I don’t even consider myself a basketball fan.  But in my opinion, Cleavland, next time a player comes and puts a team on his back for anything more than a year, show some respect.

In more recent news,

If you ever been driving in Portland, you may notice two things.  It’s probably raining, and there’s always road work being done.  I can understand the expansion of the public transportation system, even though the project has been going on for what seems like a year.  It seems like every week there’s a new ten man crew working with huge machines on one of our major roads.  Today, it got more personal.  Up to this point I had never had an interaction with any of these workers and had always assumed that they would treat extraneous cases with some level of courtesy.  I pulled up to the parking lot of my house, and the turning lane was blocked off by fifteen obnoxious orange cones and some workers taking pictures.  I signaled and started to pull towards a gap in the cones.  The designated sign holder, who I’m assuming is always chosen based on seniority, walked to address me.  I rolled down my window and said “yeah, uh, I live here.”  A fair enough statement, I figured, they can’t be oblivious enough not to notice that they were blocking the only entrance to an entire community of homes.  “You can wait” the man responded, the flashy stop sign now showing “slow” to the line of drivers now forming behind me.  I edge left, trying to allow the people behind me to pass.  Dialog as follows.

*car inches left*
“you can wait”
“can I just let the–”
“you can WAIT”
*car slows*
*stink eye directed at him*

I don’t demand or expect to be respected.  I do expect decency.  Don’t tell me he’s just doing his job, because that situation could have been handled millions of other ways and the results would have been the same.

Huge win tonight, puts us past the 100 point barrier for the first time since the 97-98 season.  Very proud of how we played.  A shout to all the women on my mom’s side for making their spring break destination Portland.  It’s always nice seeing familiar faces in the stands.  Even if their here for the shopping (jokes).

The walk from my car to my house tonight solidified my theory that a local dog has gone all “Into The Wild” on their owner and has begun roughing it out in the woods under the walkway.  I’ve only seen him once, but I hear his triumphant barks echoing from the blackness across the water almost nightly.

All for Now,

as always, follow me on twitter @tpeters25, and prepare for a video review coming up in the future.

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3 Responses to A Necessary Evil

  1. Anonymous says:

    …well I snap! I lose it!…

  2. K-Money HomeSlice says:

    What a d-bag… can you do a video review on Friday by Rebecca Black? Perhaps have a slight Seanbaby tone?

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