A Face for Radio

Hey people,

Just got home from the extent of my brief radio career with 94.7 Alternative Portland.  I had a blast, even if it was only a 30  minute segment.  The building housed like five other stations within what wasn’t any larger than a classy restaurant.  For anyone familiar with 94.7, they have a segment at 5 o’clock called the “Widmer Bros Perfect Playlist” were they invite someone to come in and have a self made playlist put on the air.  In between, they interview the lucky co-host, usually about a cause or business that they are related with.  Today, that was me.  I met Gustav from 94.7 at 4:55, right before the segment started.  First of all, the guy is bigger than I pictured.  Like, he looks like he’s spent his fair share of gym time over the years.  Extremely nice guy, chatted about hockey, music, playoffs, and a lot of other stuff.  The whole experience was very comfortable.

Moving on.  I picked up a drink from a vending machine before leaving for the trek home after practice.  It hit the spot, but the drink got me thinking, more specifically the label.  Now, this may stem from my recent completion of my marketing course (which had an extensive section on labeling and packaging) but I was kinda caught staring awkwardly at it.  To give a bit of background, it was a Snapple, who’s main staple is there drinks are made with the ‘Best Stuff on Earth’ and I don’t doubt that.  I am just curious to a couple things.  How can a label say “made with the natural goodness of MANGO MADNESS.”  It just strikes me as ironic.  I can see if it was, natural goodness of mango, but how can you manifest madness in a flavor?  Now, sticklers to obviously unnecessary in depth analysis of drink labels, I realize that the company just wants to make the packaging attractive.  So I looked for what exactly made the amount of mango usage, or the mangoes themselves so mad.  To my surprise, the main ingredient after water was Kiwi.  Mango juice wasn’t even third, it was right above coloring.  Odd, with everything considered.  So can I now assume that “________  Madness” means that the majority of it is in fact, nowhere near what it states.  I would love to see McDonald’s a McMadness Burger, or perhaps next time I look for March Madness in the TV guide I’ll turn to see that it is in fact a curling tournament with occasional commercials for the prestigious basketball event.

Hope you enjoyed that,

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