Four Games Left

Couple things of interest today,

I managed to forget to bring the power cord for my laptop to the Coliseum this morning.  Usually this wouldn’t be a problem, but today, it didn’t even beep when I hit the power button.  I closed the lid, put my backpack into my locker, and went on with my day.  Unbeknownst to me, this would alter the course of my afternoon.  You see, not having the laptop active for the few hours I was used to, I managed to completely forget to bring it to my car from the rink to the skating center in Beaverton.  However, I did bring my undergear along, which consists of a bunch of random pieces of athletic clothing.

So after practice ended, I got home, and turned to grab my backpack from behind my driver’s seat, I laid an egg when there was nothing there (except for the mountains of gatorade bottles and McDonald’s bags.)  As I scrambled to recount where I had left it, I managed to without a doubt convince myself that what I had been holding before (my laundry) was in fact my backpack.  I sent out a mass of text messages to the majority of my contacts, thankfully I got the hint that my backpack was in fact back at the coliseum.

When I got back I got to see some band warming up for the upcoming Music as a Weapon concert.  Wasn’t sure who it was though.

Today made me think of two things.  One, my utter dependence on my laptop, and two, the power of a persuaded mind.

All for now,

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2 Responses to Four Games Left

  1. Anonymous says:

    maybe you need to clean your car

  2. ashley says:

    This was a funny story. I agree with anonymous about cleaning the car. It is anoying when we depend so much on our electronic crap that it’s like we forgot a shoe when the cell phone is at home or the blue tooth. Good luck in the last week of the regular season.

    long time season ticket holder,

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