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Hey there,

Not too much to report on today. Back to the grind at the Winterhawks Skating Center. I’ve noticed that the guys are definitely getting more intense during the practices. It’s a very good sign especially having playoffs right around the corner, and a 100 point conference championship season in the works. I couldn’t be happier. Be ready for a whole new beast coming after spring break. While writing this, my billets have been generous to open our home to our neighbors for a few appys and drinks. I have nothing wrong with it, I love talking to people, finding out about them, their history, stuff like that. One thing I’m not super fond of, is hearing about how amazing their kids are. It could be just me, I’ve had plenty of experience in the past with these kinds of stories. Now, I’m fine with a good sports story, a great play, a freak injury, a cinderella story. But there should be a limit on number, or at least time. Like come on, if you can’t finish the story in the time it takes to scan and purchase a weeks worth of groceries, there’s a good chance I may lose interest. It’s not that I’m being obnoxious, I just have a very sporadic attention span. This guy has been talking with my billet from the time I’ve walked into the door about his son. Now, he seems like a nice guy. And a guy who plays varsity baseball and basketball is pretty impressive, but show me a guy who can balance football and hockey and you’ve got an interested listener. Nothing against any of the previously mentioned sports.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about making these posts more interactive. I’ve been tinkering with the settings on this thing to let the comments be open to the public, I’m not sure how well it’s working. I want to hear what you want to hear. Make it a blog for the fans. Do you want to hear about my favorite songs, music. What my thoughts are on current events. Really anything, challenge me.

All For Now,

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4 Responses to Time Share

  1. K-Money HomeSlice says:

    Yo T-PIZ,

    I got few questions about the Ontological Argument:

    1. Is this argument circular?
    2. Does it have valid structure?
    3. What are your thoughts on Anslem’s responses to Gaunillo’s criticisms?


    K-Money Home Slice

    • pdxpetey says:

      1. I don’t believe the Anselm’s argument is circular because none of the premises found within the argument explicitly prove what is trying to be proven. A being who exists both in the mind and in reality is greater than anything imaginable. Our current idea or concept of there always being a more powerful being is false; unimaginable. Since it is we cannot imagine God, he must exist.

      2 The validity of the structure of the Ontological Argument is best summed up by Bertrand Russel “The argument does not, to a modern mind, seem very convincing, but it is easier to feel convinced that it must be fallacious than it is to find out precisely where the fallacy lies.”

      3. I feel as if Anselm’s reply to Gaunilo brings up certain issues that were not present in the “Lost Island.” For example, when Anslem begins to reference the beginning of necessary beings, he breaches a subject which has yet to be objected by Gaunilo. Also, Anslem writes like Dr. Seuss.

  2. Joseph Anvil says:

    Dear Mr. Peters,

    We all know that, according to Descartes, there are two kinds of propositions. There are foundational propositions and superstructural propositions. Now, my question revolves around Descartes’ causal argument for the existence of God. Why did he think proving God exists would help show us why we are able to have knowledge of the world around us? Is the proposition that “God exists and is no deceiver” foundational? How does the Cartesian Circle affect this issue?

    Your thoughts and answers would be greatly appreciated.

  3. pdxpetey says:

    Obviously everyone knows Descartes’ two kinds of propositions. durr. Descartes’ casual argument for the existence of God exists not to prove that we are able to have knowledge of the world around us, but to know that the knowledge we have garnered from the observable world is true. Descartes’ “God exists and is no deceiver” line is based upon the belief that the more power and existence one has, the better one is. Hence, God, being infinitely good, exists, and is infinitely powerful. The Cartesian Circle is actually a flawed and out of date system. Using the Cartesian Circle for this issue would be like driving Betsy in a Indy 500. Put that in a paper.

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