The Truman Show

I… have been dooped

tricked, made a fool of,

the wool has been pulled over my eyes.  Over the past few months I’ve been under the assumption that my sister was in a relationship.  She had, understandably, never released any information about the guy.  I, like any other responsible older brother, am so overprotective it has gotten to the point that I frequently crack jokes at how ridiculous is.  So when I found out, you can imagine my surprise.  Now, it’s not like I’ve been home at all for the last while so I couldn’t really do any investigating.  It’s been two months at least, and yesterday she came to me and gave herself up.  She had made up a fictitious boyfriend to see a reaction.  The really kick was that my entire family had known about it the whole time, played along with it, and even reinforced the stories to me online.  I threw everything I could at the investigation, nothing short of contacting interpol and hiring a private investigator.  Went as far as openly posting on her facebook wall asking for anyone to give up information.  I congratulate you all.

We won tonight,

That’s All for Now,

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