Mr. Someone Else

Music has been on my mind.

I got in a lot of driving the last few days thanks to a couple trips out to Tigard and back and I always like to have my iPod connected to my speakers.  Nothing against the radio stations here, I just like being able to control the playlist.  Speaking of radio, anyone familiar with the 94.7 Alternative Portland station’s daily schedule.  I’ve been invited to come in and be apart of their Widmer’s “Perfect Playlist” segment that happens next thursday (at five I think).  I’m pretty excited, so I’ve been trying to think about what songs to choose.  I only get to choose five but they want me to come up with a list of seven or eight.

The title today comes from the name of a song by a decently popular Canadian band called The Dudes.  I just thought it was a catchy line and the song put a good vibe to the day as I drove to practice.  In my opinion, one of the greatest things about this song is at one point the lyrics go

“I may not be able to put in to words but….
this is how I feel baby….”

Upon which the lead guitarists unleashes and epic walk off solo that carries the song to the end.  Makes me think about the last minute of “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd when David Gilmour immortalized the essence of guitar and left listeners awe struck.  Watch  One of the commenters accurately described it as “this is what is sounded like when God created the universe.”  I thought it was hilarious.

Everett for two games tomorrow,

All for now,

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