Journal of an Eccentric

Hey Everyone,

I’m almost tempted to change the blog title to this post title just cause of how I find myself these days.  Most times when I’m describing myself I like to return to the word eccentric for a variety of reasons.  One major reason being that wikipedia describes it as “often being associated with genius, intellectual giftedness, or creativity.”  Even more impressive being they “they are entirely unafraid of and uninfluenced by the opinions and vagaries of the crowd” which hit a bit closer to home considering my vocation.  For some reason my self-proclaimed eccentricity emerged with more vigour than usual this week.  Among other things, here’s a list of careers that I’ve been seriously considering:

– urban street artist
– rap artist
– actor
– professional writer

..and finally a Doctor.  That directly stems from a self-accomplishment need for having the “Dr.” in front of my name, and a deep love for the TV show “Scrubs.”  And more importantly, I’m rolling at about three views a day on this baby, so catching my big break and becoming writing’s next big thing seems like a distant pipe dream.  One major obstacle in whole PhD pursuit isn’t the eight plus years of school, it’s the fact that calculus and bio chem are both required subjects.  Both of which I’ve heard are more challenging than Battletoads (rated the hardest video game of all time  A game that only allows the player three continues and was one of the first to offer friendly fire in a co-op campaign (see retaliation.)  But I digress.

While not pressing my nose to the grindstone on the ice, I’ve taken a liking to watching movies.  Mostly online, but some in the theaters.  It’s managed to help me carve out a nice niche for what I kind of enjoyment I can expect out of a movie.  Even if the trailers are blatant lies  (see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.)  I can deal with scary movies such as Paranormal Activity 1 or 2, but the more gore there is, the less I enjoy it (any Saw movie).  I’ve got a soft spot for animations (Tangled, Up, any Toy Story) and a romantic comedy (but like… you know… the manly ones).  Which, upon writing this made me realize that my taste in movies is a lot like my taste in food.  There isn’t much that I won’t eat (salmon) and even in the event where I have to eat it, I usually end up liking it (The Kings Speech).  Obviously, some choices are at the forefront, anything with action as the main course will do.  However, if not supplemented with a decent amount of convincing plot, the whole movie can be ruined (Deadly Prey).  If watching all these movies has given me anything else, it’s a list of favourite actors.

– Liam Neeson (Clash of the Titans)
– Aaron Eckhart (Thank You for Smoking)
– George Clooney (Spy Kids)

Hope you enjoyed,

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