PG: There and back again

First, this week on the house boat.

I found this one morning, all I could think of was a red neck yacht.  The thing is actually equipped with steering wheel and functional crane.

This film poster is for “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, a documentary by mysterious English street artist Banksy.  I’ve already watched three times.  Very interesting stuff, the documentary is about a French/American Thierry Guetta living in LA who gets wound up in the underground street art scene.  The documentary is originally supposed to be made by Guetta, who has no cinematic experience of his own.  After Guetta’s documentary “Life Remote Control” turns out to be a total failure, Banksy steps in to help out.  I’m not saying it’s getting me interested in the street art scene, but don’t be surprised. Moving on.

Last night I was thinking…

Recently, I mentioned the glasses I bought online for half the price of a happy meal. After a few snags in the delivery process, the small package finally arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. To my surprise the glasses weren’t the solid black I expected, but a dark shade of purple. Now, to a guy who doesn’t mind wearing bright red shoes and a graphic tee boasting my championship at the 1972 World Pong Tournament, this slight difference didn’t exactly phase me. The sideways looks I got the rest of the day did. To be fair I’m somewhat of a pop culture guy so when the words “Authentic Blues Brothers Wayfarers” for three bucks I jumped on the oppourtunity. The irony of buying anything authentic for less than fifty was not lost on me, but it got me thinking.

It got me thinking however, even in the independent self-proclaimed “weird” city such as Portland, if I a guy my age noticed the slight difference in shade, I can almost guarantee it would make him think.

Why… here’s my opinion.  Humans, as a population, desire one thing in life.

Clarity.  Now here’s where some people may begin to disagree.  I’ve heard a wise man say “all anger stems from fear,” but today I pose a new theory.  All motivation stems from the desire for clarity.  Now, to apply this to various situations, obviously there will need to be some manipulation.  For my prior example, someone noticing my glasses having the slight tinge of purple that they do, will instantly categorize the experience as one that falls under “gray.”  This of course referring to how seeing things in black and white is the result of clarity.  To quote Christopher Langan from an Errol Morris documentary “Are you seeing me right now through that monitor in front of you.  The answer is yes or no, if you can’t choose then you can’t perceive me.  You don’t know whether I’m here or not.  1 or 0, yes or no, binary logic is something you depend on.”  I believe that relates to my argument.  By the way, for those wonder who Chris Langan is, he has been cited as having an IQ of 195 (Einstein is reported as having 160).  Being in a gray area is neither familiar or comforting, so it causes a defense mechanism in victims.

That’s All I’ve Got,

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