What’s Wrong With Movies: The Rite


Waffles are like the Lamborghini’s of the breakfast world.  Unless you can make one or afford one, you’ll never be able to have one.

Hey Everyone,

Things are going well down here.  I’ve started to notice the weathers is getting warmer and warmer.  Recently, I’ve been using a chalk line on one of our moorage pillars to keep track of the river height.  Over the last two weeks this line has gone from the water line to about ten feet in the air.    Not super interesting but whatever.

I ordered sunglasses online, some cheap “Blue’s Bros” knock offs.  Should be delivered tomorrow.  Do I feel less of myself cause I order glasses for six dollars while my friends dish out hundreds of other peoples money for the same desired effect, not at all…. I bought two pairs of glasses for less than a decent meal.  Go me.

Now, movies.

On our last very successful trip to Spokane, WA, the team took in “The Rite.”  Turns out Anthony Hopkins is still alive, and being actively typecast.  The movie’s about a young american, who, while going through seminary school, is shipped off to Rome for a two month course in Exorcism.  Being skeptical about the faith, he’s directed to the most experienced exorcist in Rome (Hopkins) to alleviate his skepticism.   Made me consider to become some like Exorcist/Superhero hybrid, kind of like a badass Bibleman.  “The Rite” gets 6/10

like this except with more cross themed weapons and less blatant Star Wars copyright infringement

That’s All I’ve Got,

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