What’s Wrong With Movies: InSan(ctum)ely Bad

Inspiration can stem from the smallest of moments and the most inconspicuous of events.   Sometimes all it takes is a conveniently placed advertisement to put the cogs in motion.  For myself, the “BE NICE” ad was as much surprising as it was thought provoking.  I didn’t even stop to look at what it was advertising for.

anger management?

…but to make a short story slightly shorter, slyly snapping this pic with my phone got me thinking about the blog.  This along with a few questions I’ve got about when I’d start it up again left me looking for a reason to give writing another try.  Might as well.  I’m sure it’ll give the family something to talk about during sunday lunch at grandma’s house.

Thanks to Portland’s constant construction I’ve been forced to experiment with new ways to get home.  A few days ago I decided I’d cut through downtown on my way back to the house boat.  I was crawling through one way streets and backed up traffic when I spotted a Voodoo Doughnuts tucked into a brick wall.  To my surprise the place looked fairly empty as opposed to the usual twenty person line up I’ve heard about.  I decided to check it out further.  Having been to other VD across town I knew what I was there for.  If you don’t know, Voodoo Doughnuts is famous for their unique brand of doughnuts.  Among my available options: a maple and bacon long john, a cocoa puff doughnut, a few rather crude ones, and finally my new favourite the fruit loops doughnut.  Grabbed one to go.  As expected the place was, less than gigantic.  Sporting a parkbench as it’s only available seating, I decided to eat from the driver’s seat of my car.

One last thing…

Just got back from a pre-release screening of James Cameron’s new flick “Sanctum.”  Anyone questioning throwing down the 11+ dollars to check out the film should save their money.  I feel robbed and I didn’t even have to pay.  I think Cameron might have been trying to cash in on his last water disaster movie (The Abyss, not that other one).   I mean, it’s not all bad, if your a big fan of drowning, now you can see it in amazing 3D (for only $3.50 more)

It’s like “Perfect Storm” but more drowning and less good movie… and a cave

That’s All I’ve Got,

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