New Years Check-Up

Hello family (and or friends),

The start of 2010 rivals that of the historic 1999 New Years up at Stillwood Bible Camp.  My new 3′ x 2′ whiteboard is at the top of my list.  In a beautiful brainwave of brilliance on the way home from practice Monday I took a slight detour to the local Staples.  The wonderful people there helped me find my new savior of organization.  I kid you not my work efficiency has gone up 300% since December.  Even if that is going from doing one minute of work a day to three.  Anyways,

On the business side of things I’ve gotten two points in the last three games.  This being compared to the seven points I’ve gotten in the games up to the New Year.   Strangely, this is the exact same start to the new year as last hockey season.  except after I hit the eight point mark it seemed that the well dried up.

All For Now (it’s 11:30 and I’m tired)

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