Another Week in the Books

Hey again,

Sorry for the lateness, I just remembered what day it was. 

It’s been an exciting week hockey wise.  We have started our 09/10 season off very strong.  As of right now we’re second in the Western Conference and first in the US Division.  Some people have started considering this year and last as the biggest turn around in WHL history.  Our season opener was in the Kent Arena in Seattle, where we easily dismantled their defence winning 5-0.  All the players were really excited about the start and it’s evident that there’s a higher confidence throughout the team.  Tri-city was our next opponent, we battled hard to get the game to 3-3 in the third, but they put away a goal late and we couldn’t recover.  Seattle, not surprisingly, was our next opponent for our home opener.  This time, they held us to 1-1 till the start of the third period.  Seemingly fueled by the nerves, we came out and scored five goals to win the game 6-1.  Prince George rolled in at 4 am the next day, which happened to be game day.  This didn’t really help their cause, as the final buzzer sounded on a 5-1 win in our favour.

Unfortunately, I didn’t play in any of those games. 

and no, I’m completely healthy.  Which is the answer that I’ve given at least ten fans so far questioning the reason behind my disappearance from the rosters.  That alone raises an issue about playing that’ll be in next weeks update. 

I tried meeting up with a youth group today.  Turns out it was cancelled, but they only told the people at the one before.  You can imagine me walking in the Milwaukie Bowling Alley shyly walking around trying silently figure out what I’d done wrong, then leave.  I assume in a wake of elderly bowlers laughing hysterically.

Is all for now,

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One Response to Another Week in the Books

  1. Dayle Krahn says:

    thanks for the post. cheering you on, we’re all proud of you.

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