A Good First Impression

Hello again,

This week’s entry may be a tad shorter than the others due to the fact that the week consisted of some of the most routine days since I’ve been here.  So I’ll just update you guys on a couple things.

School goes well, none of my teachers have raised any issues with our (the hawks) presence in their classrooms.  This week was the first week of actually doing something in the classes instead of handing out tests on what our favorite colors are.  One of the interesting things in my class schedule is my teaching assistance block where I go to a class and help make a teacher’s life easier.  The class i’m currently working with has a couple bowls of fish, a turtle, and a scorpion.  I’ve yet to feed them, but I look forward to.  Coincidently, a few nights ago I was sleeping (shocking I know) and I half-dreamed that there were scorpions covering my floor.  Being the dark, I couldn’t clearly see my floor and the fact that clothes sporadically habituate around my bed doesn’t help.  I had semi-arose from my sleep, but I was still in the dream purgatory where what I’ve been dreaming still seems to be real.  At first this had been no problem, since I deduced that scorpions couldn’t climb beds.  Then I was hit with this unexplainable urge to head to the closest toilet.  I instantly faced a dangerous conflict, and seeing as how consciously peeing the bed would probably be hard to explain, I decided to duke it out.  I started to count…5…4…3…2…1  AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! 

I leapt from my bed, grabbing at pillows to throw at the floor as I dashed across the hallway.  For some reason I yelled “and STAY OUT!” as I exited the room, only to be slapped in the face with my own stupidity moments later.

This evening I thought I’d try and find a drop-in volleyball group just to provide some less pressure-filled competition.  I found a very to the point webstie called portlandvolleyball.com.  I found exactly what I needed, a few places that held weekly recreational drop-in volleyball games.  One of them caught my eye, so I decided I would go with it.  Unfortunately, when I arrived at the place that ws supposedly running the game, I found a dark and locked community center.  Utterly dejected I returned home, checking the website another time.  After following the link to the community center’s own site, I found, in small italics at the bottom of the page, the words: “center will be closed from Sept 19th to Oct 3rd for renovations”… Dang.   What’s worse, after looking further down the list, I found two other community centers withing 5 minutes of my house, each ended within half an hour of me coming home.


This last Saturday was our season opener and, as always, we played Seattle.  This time we were playing in Kent, Washington, in the violently green ShoWare center.  One of the peculiar characteristics of the building is that the dressing rooms are all painted bright, highlighter green.  I’ve heard a rumor that the team actually voted on which color would get in the opposing teams head the most. 

Unfortunately, I was asked to sit out and be in the stands during this game due to our team still having much to many players for a normal roster.  I graciously obliged and let the pressure of the weekend slip off my shoulders. 

We dominated the game, from start to finish, getting goals in every period and shutting down their team as well.  We finished the game 5-0 earning the teams first season opener shutout since 1987.  Ian Curtis, our goalie was awarded the ADT Player of the Week award for the WHL for his efforts. 

It was a good week, I’m sure this upcoming one will provide a bit more interesting, and note worthy material. 

That’s all for now,

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