A Week(end) To Remember

      Well, it’s 12:00 a.m. this morning, and we’ve just left the city of Everett.  I’m sitting here in my bus seat feverishly typing away.  We’ve just started watching the Italian Job on the buses multiple TV’s as we set in for the short three and a half our drive back to Portland.  I’ve already seen the movie so I’ll keep my mind on the writing.  Bon Iver, my favourite late bus ride music, plays softly through my headphones.  I’m thankful for my new laptop’s ability to stay on without being plugged in.  

            This week has passed relatively smoothly, but nevertheless eventfully.  So let’s start with Tuesday…

            Tuesday marked the start of the week that would include a lot of on ice practice and a few hours of dry-land (working out) a day.  Thankfully, I’ve managed to stay out of harms way, and there hasn’t’ been any noticeable signs of physical fatigue.  That would prove to be useful for the upcoming days.  Besides that, the day remained uneventful, I settled into my favourite routine of practice, lunch, video games, dinner, more video games, and sleep.  This is a habit that I feel in love with after seven months of bloodshot eyes.

        Wednesday went along without a hitch.  Oh wait, my car got stolen.  This managed to wreck me physiologically as well as literally taking away all of my freedom I wrapped around the fact that I had a car.  The whole thing went down like this.

 I got home from practice at around 2:15 in the afternoon (with the car, mind you).  I lock all the doors, and the windows are all completely shut.

  1. between leaving the car and getting to my house I manage to separate my set of keys from myself.
  2. At around 5:00 dad leaves my house to head down to Salem where he’s staying.  We had a conversation about how he wanted to get the oil changed.  As he leaves he checks the car making sure the doors are locked and the key isn’t in the ignition.
  3. 5:15 My billet dad, Conrad, arrives home, he recalls seeing some seedy looking guys standing around my car, but never thought anything of it.
  4. 6:20  Travis and I leave for a team movie out in Beaverton, about fifteen minutes away from our place.  As we leave Travis asks me “where’s your car petey?” I, recalling the conversation with my dad before instantly consider it to be at the local Oil Can Henry’s getting a discounted oil change (the Entertainment book for the Portland Area has become our unofficial bible.) \
  5. 6:25 Obliviously, I couldn’t realize to look to see if dad had left the van and the fact that he couldn’t have driven both cars out of the parking lot….

 Alas, I grow evermore tired of writing this story in lists.

 As we leave the floating community parking lot, I send my dad a text message asking if he has the car.  I receive a horrifying message asking me why I would joke about such a thing.  Needless to say, as the blood ran down my face, all I could muster was a few Christian expletives (dang, crap, mitten, etc.)  For some reason we continue to the movie theatre.  I take Travis’ car back to the house boat and call the police.  I use the non emergency line because I was surprisingly laid back about the whole thing.  This could have been because I’d recited the line “this isn’t happening to me” about a quarter of a million times. 

On a happier note, this weekend was the annual Everett WHL Exhibition Tournament.  I think in the last two years of playing in this tournament the hawks have gone about 1-5 with only one win.  From what I hear, the years before haven’t been much better.  We showed up at the tournament expected to go winless throughout the weekend, with Everett coming in planning to win every game in front of their home crowd.  Needless to say, we love to play underdog. 

Our first game was vs. divisonal opponent Spokane.  We’ve been known to steal a few games from them, including our one victory last year.  There were a few nerves as the game started, I noticed myself catching the case of the butterflies as we walked out onto the ice.  The game was great, our hard work throughout camp paid off.  Our passes were accurate and our systems were precise.  We were rewarded with a decisive 4-2 victory.

The next game was against the Prince George Cougars.  This team was here purely for evaluation it seemed, and didn’t merit a large obstacle.  Surprisingly, they made it tough on our roster, forcing us into overtime, and onto a shootout.  By this time the game was already won in our favour.  Our first shooter, Jacob Berglund almost made me cry tears of joy.  This is the move he pulled off.


To make a goalie look this out of position is amazing.

We went on to win the shootout, ending the game 6-5.

This win made our Sunday night bout against the Everett Silvertips the unofficial final of the tournament.  The reason there was so much hype about this game was because both us and the ‘tips were 2-0 in the two days of playing that weekend.  From what I heard, the Silvertips were dominating their games as well.  In our teams history, we’ve rarely beat their team as badly as we would that night.  To sum it up, we out shot them 16-4 in the second period, and we up 7-2 for most of the third.  Their fans were utterly silent, a sound that we welcomed.

That’s all for now,

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