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Here we go again…

    Not surprisingly it feels like the summer has come and gone, not even having the courtesy to remove his [yes, summer is a he] coat, or, since it is summer, his festive sombrero and poncho combination.  Thankfully, I came fully prepared, I spent the remaining hours of friday night mindlessly throwing every visible article of clothing into my multiple suit cases.  You’d think that most people would have planned ahead and started packing weeks in advance of leaving the country for more than half a year.  Not me! I hold enormous pride in my ability to pack within twenty four hours of a departure.  My hasty assault on my suit cases ended up in me having to repack the bag more and more tightly as the ol’ “spray and pray” packing technique resulted in a constant overflow of clothing being regurgitated from my bags onto the floor.  My methods are usually unorthodox, which forces me to spend most of the packing time , swan diving across the room headlong into my bags in a desperate attempt to gain the last few millimetres till I can gloriously zip it shut.     After about seventeen and a half seconds of packing, I became bored.  Nevertheless, my undeniable urge to make everything into a competition managed to twist the mind-numbingly boring task into a enjoyable one.  I’m anxiously awaiting showing up in Portland and realizing I haven’t packed a single pair of pants.

(Saturday the 15th) We have successfully arrived in Portland after the short five hour drive.  Four hours of which I can’t recall as I was sleeping, thankfully I only drove for two….wait.  I’m presently writing this from our beautiful hotel room located right in the middle of downtown Portland.  It was a great day overall with a glorious stop at Buffalo Wild Wings, for anyone travelling through downtown p-town I highly recommend the stop.  I can still taste the spicy BBQ sauce if I think hard enough. 

Later on, mom and I took a short walk to a nearby movie theatre where we watched the recent release “The Hurt Locker”.  For anyone wondering what to see, I definitely recommend it.  Not only does it appeal to my type of person (ACTION! with a hint of humor) but also appeals to the other side (emotional, with a side of relational issues.)  The film actually did a fabulous job of balancing the action with the emotion rich plot.  I gave it an 9/10, not only because it literally kicked me off my seat, but it was great at bringing the audience into the movie.

One of the great things in this life people rarely take opportunity of is not paying taxes.  For everyone frantically reaching for their telephones to rat me out to the police, I officially don’t know you.  I’m sure most people are aware of the fact that the state of Oregon doesn’t charge tax. Many Canadians don’t realize the majesty of paying 4.99 for something that is 4.99, as compared to paying 5.34 or something.  Surprisingly, the whole “tax free utopia” has yet to catch on and attract billions of begging homeowners.  For the time being however, I will greedily take advantage of the obvious typo in the Oregon Financial Bill.

Today (Sunday the 16th) I decided to make Monday the official weekly update day for the blog.  This is one way I plan on keeping the writing constant and detailed.  As opposed to last years sporadic bursts coming out at unexpected times.  I hope this helps to stop people from having to check every morning to see if I’ve posted anything [you know who you are:) ]  Needless to say, this will take some reading skill on your part as I don’t plan on writing the entire piece/article on that day so it will jump day to day. 

Speaking of today…

This also marks the first full day in Ptown, and what a day it was.  I had the opportunity to visit the Portland Dew Tour held every few years right in the Rose Quarter.  Anyone curious to what the Dew Tour actually is check out the website at:  http://www.allisports.com/tours/dew-tour

Along with the Dew Tour, I tagged along with my new temporary billets, the Pick’s, to the Clark County fair.  This was a first for me.  I had always stereotyped county fairs as being a cesspoolof competitions where whoever had the largest squash usually had the best pick for which cousin they wanted to date.  There were no squash growing competitions unfortunately, but I got my fair share of interesting characters.  The majority of these sitings happened in the grandstands of  THE MONSTER TRUCK TRACK.  This only being capitalized because it seemed to me that the only way any one could say MONSTER TRUCK TRACK was at the top of their lungs.  Usually followed by either a YE HAW! or a sloppy alcohol induced chest bump with the nearest person [usually without their consent.]  The opening act for the MONSTER TRUCKS [YE HAW] was the obstacle course through which beater cars and trucks were driven over a small course one at a time.   For anyone that remembers the “Destruction Derby” that plays at the PNE, it was pretty much that except it wasn’t car vs. car, it was car vs. the force of gravity and well packed dirt.  This proved to be a very insightful event as I learned that….

A fan favorite, I guess they considered him some prodigy

A fan favorite, I guess they considered him some prodigy

Sixteen year olds really have no place in the practice of public obstacle course beater racing.  It was amazing to hear though, someone younger than me was driving recklessly in a beater car.  I almost considered what life would be if I switched places with him, then I realized I’d probably need to have braces again to fix the gap in my teeth, so I stuck with mine.
But more more importantly I learned…
She was the only one who rolled her vehicle, funny how that works.
She was the only one who rolled her vehicle, funny how that works.

…neither should women.

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